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Become part of a community full of great and selfless people willing to help one another achieve their dreams. Join a digital platform which allows you to be part of a global mutual aid using the latest technology of digital currency i.e. BitCoins in free yourself from the world of greedy and selfish monopolies promoted by the world leading paper money systems that tie us in debt and poverty.



New and fast growing mutual donation exchange community! EXPERIENCE THE RAIN OF MONEY TODAY!

About Us

At Financial Change Movement, everyone comes together as a chain to help and support each other freely, and thereby, impacting and improving lives of the individual. We understood the fact that we are facing a time where most people in this country had lost trust in donation platforms, however, the glory can be fully restored again if we all thrive, persist and deal sincerely with each other. This platform is designed for the benefit of all, that is, all participants. Donation platform are meant to help each other and not to scam each other, therefore,milionairefunds will never tolerate any form of prejudice or cowardice from her participants, we'll be very strict in our rulings to keep this community safe and progressive.

How It Works

Once you successfully sign up, you will have to donate the sum of either R200 - 50000. The member will be automatically assigned to you by the system, After which you are to upload your proof of payment immediately. Once your benefactor i.e who you paid to confirms your donation, Note that once you are matched to make a donation, you have a maximum of 48 HOURS to complete all transactions, also if a beneficiary fails to confirm a donor after 48hrs of payment, the system automatically deletes you without notice. So be sure you are fully ready before you sign up. Ensure you have a valid email address, an active phone number and a functional bank account before you sign up.


  • Create an Account on Welcome to Financial Change Movement
  • Login to your account, choose the package you want to participate in. The person you will pay will be matched to you within 48 hours.
  • Send your payment to the member within 48 hrs, else your account will be blocked from further participation in the program.
  • When your payment is confirmed by the member,
  • When you have received your complete payment, you will need to start all over by choosing a package ( either a different package or the previous package). You will instantly be matched with the person you are to pay.


To provide the system and support needed to enable our members achieve their dreams and goals.
Welcome to Financial Change Movemen is a Package Based Dedicated Donation Community, founded by Financial Oriented Team which aim at bringing everyone under one umbrella to freely help and receive regardless of tribe, colour, location, status or profession, offers each other an helping hand, being mutual support, with no act of greed. Knowing fully well that; there are several people looking towards you to survive this hard time and your donations can be a reason for someone happinesses.







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To get Rich

you have to be making money while you're asleep

Success is having to worry about every damn thing in the world, except money.
Many people are in the dark when it comes to money, and we are turning on the lights.

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Become part of a community full of great and selfless people willing to help one another achieve their dreams.

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Transfer fundsservices 24/7, fast, by yourself without any need for bank assistance

From asd little as R 200

You can now dream from as little as you can afford and watch your funds to grow

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Our support team is available on our Live Chat 24 hours, 7 days a week should you need any assistance.

Welcome to Financial Change Movement

Your account and IP will be blocked forever if you fail to make your payment on time. Fraudulent activities is prohibited here. If we get a report of fake payment slip upload against you, you will be blocked. Not ready to abide by the rules? please don't register

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